Complaint Letter

December 28th, 2009

There are times when we are not satisfied by a service or product and we are bound to complain. Writing a compliant letter is one of the ways in which we can have our grievances heard. Many of the times we let emotions get better of us and this usually affects the way we write and how we express ourselves while writing theses letters and most of the time the result is usually ineffective. To write an effective complaint letter the following ideas will be important to consider.

You need to keep in mind that most of the errors are intentional and the companies and organizations may not even be aware of it. Therefore it is essential that you inform them of the circumstances as most of them want to address and clear up the complaints as fast as they can in order to keep their customers or members satisfied.

Letters that are addressed by use of title such as “dear sir” or dear “madam” or even “to whom it may concern” are not as effective as they may not reach the specified person and therefore you should also strive to address you letter to the right person by using titles such as the name and title of the manager or their assistants as this will ensure that the letter is received and your complaint will be addressed.

Even though you will be seething with anger or full of disappointment, you should ensure that you start the letter on a positive note as this will tend to get you more attention than when it starts with obscenities. Keeping the letter short and to the point will be easy for your readers to read and act upon them as compared to letters with long paragraphs. Honesty and straight forwardness in the details that will back-up your claim will work to your advantage.

Ensure that your tone is respectful and firm at all times as this will enable you keep the letter concise and professional. Avoid, as much as possible using aggressive and accusing language. To help you even more you must not make generalizations on the whole company yet you complain is focused on a single person, this will make you seem unprofessional and disrespectful.

The other thing to keep in mind is to avoid threatening the company with legal action even if it has repeatedly given you bad service and have refused to correct the situations. Only mention Legal action if you intend to follow through with it. Make sure that in cases of regular correspondence the letter should accomplish its purpose without having to destroy the relationships.

Ensure that you include your name, address and other contact details to allow the person reach you for discussion on any question or issues. You may also get signatures from other to make the letter more effective especially if you intend to denounce material from the media or influence legislation and such kind of things. Be clear concise and to the point and be sure to get rid of all errors to ensure that you the complaint will be dealt with effectively.

Christmas Letters

December 28th, 2009

The Christmas season brings laughter and joy even for those who are not with their families and friends. Christmas letters are used to spread the joy around and wishing others fun during this time. They have become a part of the culture and can be written in many styles and designs. People can even download samples from the internet and type away or can use the traditional way. No matter the style you chose there are some tips that could help you in making them enjoyable to read.

The cardinal rule of holiday writing also applies to Christmas letter and it states that you should be yourself. The letter should be written the way you speak to make it sound like it is coming from you. Use the expressions you use while speaking and all the vocabulary that is characteristic of your speech and nature. Readers will find it easy to picture you than when reading formal letters. You should avoid the temptation of using a lot of adjectives and adverbs as it will make your letter too monotonous.

You should also remember not to gloat or brag to your readers as most of them do not enjoy this. Use subtle language while announcing whatever has happened to you and your family. You should consider the feelings of the reader while stating your achievements as this will guide you in the words and format you will use for announcing them.

Being creative is another way of making your letter enjoyable. While writing about the events, you may combine the use of narrative, puzzles, bullet points and you may turn the letter into a multiple-choice quiz. This will keep you from thinking about the transitions from one paragraph or event to the other and is a way of ensuring your reader has a quick and easy time in digesting the information.

Make the letter as colorful as you can. Spice them up with family photos, Christmas clip-arts and other images such as children’s artwork. The paper you will use should also be colorful to show the spirit of the season. Getting this stationery is not hard as they are easily available in the markets before the season starts and they come at a very affordable price and in wide array of decorations and styles.

While writing, ensure that you have as much fun as you can. The reason for this letter is to entertain and inform your readers of your events in an entertaining way even if they were embarrassing or funny. If you have fun writing it, your readers will definitely have fun reading it. After writing read the letter aloud or have someone else do it for you. If it does not sound right try again.

After writing the letter ensure that you add a personal touch at the bottom of it to leave your readers feeling good. Make the letter as engaging as possible and ensure you have not left out any details that will surely entertain your readers. Don’t forget to wish them the best of the season.

Cover Letter

October 28th, 2009

Cover letter is one of the most important elements that make a difference. There are many types of cover letters and you need to have great writing techniques and tips to get the best letter that will make you considered for the position you are looking for or for the acceptance of your application. The letter you will chose will depend on the type of employee or contractor that you are sending it to.

Ensure that you write the letter as per the type of job and the position you are seeking. It should be designed for the purpose you are writing. You may decide to start from a template which you will then change to adapt to your specific requirements as well as those of the employer. Though it might take time to write a letter for every job you apply for, it is important to do so as it will enable you cover all areas in showing the company that you are a good match.

Since you are making a formal correspondence, ensure that the tone you use is polite and respectful. The language should be formal in all aspects. The way in which you format your letter in terms of content and presentation and perspective is very important. For both online and traditional letter, ensure that they are properly formatted, readable and free from mistakes either grammatical, punctuation or spelling. Check your cover later again before you send it or have a friend check it for you.

Ensure that you explain the employment gaps in the letter if you have one. In case it is being laid-off or out of work of taking time off to spend with your family or any other reason, many employees appreciate those who take time to explain this. Ensure that you give the letter a personal touch by finding out about the company and the hiring manager. If you can address it to the hiring manager, please do so after finding out adequate information about them.

Although you are writing about yourself, limit using the personal pronoun “I” as this will make the letter sound boring and monotonous. Mix up things by using ‘me’ or ‘my’ and by swapping your sentences a bit. You may also involve the reader by using the pronoun ‘you’ and ‘your’. Keep the letter as short as possible but make it very interesting to stand out of the millions that the organization receives.

The other thing to know is that your Cover letter should not duplicate the resume but instead compliment it. You should highlight the background information in your Resume that relates to the job you are applying for. The targeting of the letter to the specific job requirements will give you an upper hand and therefore you need to get adequate details about the job to help you in this. Write simply and clearly by getting right to the point. Ensure that you follow the right format and address the recipient by their right titles. The paragraphs should contain three or four sentences at most and should be in one page.

Charity Letters

October 28th, 2009

Charity letters are one of the best ways to request for donation to charity. The letter is usually written to potential supporters request them to join you in supporting a charity. There are a number of sample letter available on the internet that you can select from but all of them have basic formula of writing though the style can be modified as per the organization, event and the recipient of the letter.

The letter has some fundaments components such as a formal salutation. You may use titles such as Sir or Madam but it is more favorable to use the recipient’s name as this has indicated a boost in the response over the years. The introduction part is also essential and here you are required to give the reason by sharing information about the event. The statement that starts should be positive and upbeat about the event.

You should then describe the event in clear and precise terms and indicate your activities in the participation. The description should also contain he reason for holding the event and what you expect of the outcome as well as how you would like to be helped. While asking for the help you should list all the ways or amount of donation that the recipient may contribute to the cause. In asking for monetary donation it is recommended that you give precise amounts as this will make it easy for people to open their wallets as compared to asking for whatever that can afford. If you are writing to pervious donors, ensure that you thank them first before asking for more.

Create a compelling letter since your goal is to communicate the mission and vision of the event and the Charity. You may do this by telling a story of how the Organization has made a change on a person or situation. You should ensure that the story will engage the reader so as to get them to support you. Keep the reader’s interest in mind by showing them why they should care and the benefits they will get or help other get from donating.

The other thing to remember is to make the letter easy to respond. You need to include a response card and a return envelope in the mailing. The response card should contain the various ways the reader can make a donation, the level of donations they can make and if they are for a specific project. The return envelope is a way of removing the hassle of where to send the gift.

Ensure that you also add a P.S to the letter containing the key point to enable the people who quickly skim through the letter will see the main points tat you want to get across. Include a thank you for the donation. One or two weeks after sending the charity letter, you may make follow-up phone calls to ensure that the letter was received and if the recipient has any question concerning the details. The follow up is usually a great way of getting a donation.

Cancellation Letters

October 28th, 2009

It is always difficult to cancel for something that has been planned for a long time and it is more difficult to communicate the cancellation to the parties that are involved. Various things may be cancelled including subscriptions, accounts, reservations and events. Since oral communication is not always sufficient there is need to write a letter to convey the cancellation to all those who are concerned.

The letter that will be written will depend on a number of facts. The circumstances that have brought about the cancellation vary and therefore the letters will have to indicate this. When it comes to the cancellation of services or products or subscriptions it is always a good idea to indicate the reason behind it for example the product or service is not up to your standards or does not match the advertisement.

Cancellation of a meeting or scheduled appointment requires you to express your apology and reason for the cancellation. Since cancellation seems as if you are disregarding the other party’s time, you should ensure that you are precise clear and you should ensure that you do not sound disrespectful towards them. The cancellation will tend to affect the schedule of the recipient therefore you should strive to be polite at all times.

When it comes to canceling accounts, it is important to ensure that the letter is written within the right time as they usually come with notice period. Ensure that you state the reason why you want to discontinue the activities of the account. The other thing is that there usually are fees that involved in the cancellation of account s and it is important that you know how much it is to avoid any embarrassing situations. Ensure all he balances in your accounts are paid as this will affect the cancellation, The other thing to include is the wish to receive a written confirmation to indicate that the cancellation has taken place and clear statements to indicate the steps you will take if the account is not cancelled after you have done all that is necessary.

Since the letter will act as record, it is important to sign it with a pen as this will be a written proof of your communication with the concerned party. Sometime the letter will need to be sent by certified mail as an added precaution so that the recipient cannot deny receiving it. Ensure that the letter is run through a reliable spell and grammar check to get rid of typos as this can cause you a number of inconveniences and will indicate that you are a person who considers professionalism.

You should also ensure that the address of the recipient is correct to avoid the cancellation letter ending in the wrong hands and to avoid having wasting your correspondent’s time and having the services products and subscription continuing thus causing you a series of inconvenience. Remember that the letter of cancellation is classified as business correspondence and that professional and business language should be used in a polite, clear and precise manner. It should also be short and with as few words as possible.

Business Letters

October 28th, 2009

Business letters are provide a formal way of communicating between individuals and corporations. They differ from the personal ones because they adhere to some strict rules and this is what intimidates most people. Before you begin writing, you should know the purpose of the letter. It is also important to think about the reader’s expectations and how you can make it easy for them to understand the information that you have included. You should also know the response that you want to elicit from the reader.

Once you have written the letter, you should be able to know if you have answered all the questions and provided essential information for the reception. The letter has to accomplish the purpose that it was intended for. Information that is boring, confusing or distracting should be excluded from this kind of correspondence.

The business letters should be conversational, convincing, clear, concise and courteous. They have to be brief and straight to the point so that the reader’s time is not wasted. A letter can be straight to the point if you know what you are writing about and what you want to achieve.  When it is short, you are able to focus on the details that the readers are interested in.

There are several types of business letters that you can write including acknowledgment, complaint, response, order and adjustment letter. An acknowledgment letter is used when you want to appreciate someone for the work they have done. This letter is not a requirement in the business setting but it is polite to acknowledge people for their efforts.

When you want to complain about someone or for a particular situation, you can use an adjustment letter. This correspondence is used to let the reader know when errors have been discovered and need to be dealt immediately.  It can also be used as a legal document.

A complaint letter is also a used as a legal type of correspondence when an error has been noticed in a business within a business setting. When an individual makes a request about something, an inquiry letter is used to meet the requirements that were asked for.

An order letter is also a formal form of correspondence and is used to make an order for supplies. It is usually referred to as a purchase order and can be used as a legal document to indicate that a transaction has taken place between a buyer and a seller.

Unlike an informal letter, a formal one includes the address of the sender and the recipient. This type also requires a heading that lets the reader know the subject before going through the entire letter. This is very important because in a business setting, there is no time to read through long letters. If the reader does not get a heading that seems urgent, they can ignore the rest of the letter. It is also important to use formal language in this type of letter especially when you have never met the recipient.


Congratulation Letters

September 28th, 2009

In life there are many events and circumstances that bring people need to rejoice over. It may be a promotion, graduation, wedding, the birth of a baby and many others and writing a congratulation letter is the way to go. Once you hear of the special event it is in order to write the letter as soon as possible to indicate that you have taken notice of their special event and that it indicates your sincerity as compared to delaying them.

There are many types of congratulation letters. It may be formal or informal or may be sent through email or regular postal mail. Whatever the type you choose the format is usually the same. They are written in a passive voice to avoid sounding exaggerated. When using the email, ensure that you use the right ones such as business email addresses for business contacts and personal emails for families and friends.

While writing the letter, ensure that you follow the same guidelines as other formal and semi-formal letters. The recipient you will be sending to will guide your decision in the type of stationery you will choose. In printing the font and letter sizes for the envelope and the letter itself should be the same as this indicates your professionalism.

At the introduction state the motivation for writing your letter by stating the specific occasion. Ensure that you express you praise and approval and pride in them by outlining the accomplishment of the reader and the good that it has done or will do to them. Avoid mentioning the benefits that you will receive as a result of their achievement as this will make you seem insincere in your intentions. Since you are more likely to know the recipient the letter is usually casual in tone and structure but for business contacts it should be formal.

Since you want the letter to be read, it is important that you keep the letter brief and to the point. It is usually recommended that you keep it below one page as this will be enough to indicate the appreciation of the reader’s good fortune. Try to avoid inclusion of negative comments and unhappy news as this will seem inconsiderate ad your letter might seem insincere. The words you use should be subtle to avoid having the letter seem sarcastic or mocking,

Proof read the letter to ensure that they are free from spelling errors and grammatical mistakes and to ensure that the punctuation is right; Have someone else read the letter for you to detect the errors you have missed before you send it. The other thing to keeping mind is to ensure that the letter is addressed properly and to the right address to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience it might cost you.
For business contact do not forget to write the position and the company name of the recipient and that you address them properly. While finishing off, restate your congratulations and your heartiest wishes and cheers for the recipient and your name, address, position and organization below the signature.

Condolence Letter

September 28th, 2009

In terms of loss or grieving, a letter of sympathy or condolence can be a source of great comfort. It is a great way of indicating that the person is in your thoughts as they are going through the difficult process. It is usually difficult to find the right words to say and the process may require a lot of your time and energy. Though it is a nice gesture to decide to get the card off the counter of a store but recipients will be more appreciative if you wrote down words of sympathy from deep within your heart.

The letter of condolence contains a number of details and the main components that you should write include the acknowledgement of the loss. While doing this you should ensure that you refer to the deceased by name and that you should note the special qualities about the deceased. Remember to express your sympathy as you include the favorite memory of the deceased in the letter.

Since a bereaved person has a lot of difficulty concentrating, it is important to keep the letter brief as it will be easy for them to digest as compared to a longer one. The purpose of the letter is to show that you are offering them your support and comfort and this can be expressed in a few personal lines.

It is also important that you consider the loss as unique in its own way and respect it. Many mourners think that their loss is the greatest and therefore you should avoid telling them that you can feel or measure their pain as it is not possible to do so. You should also avoid sharing accounts of your losses as this will seem to shift the attention from the mourner who needs your sympathy and support.

In terms of loss of a loved one, people tend to question a lot of things including God and they may need a lot of time to have a personal as well as a spiritual introspection. This is important to consider as it will keep you away from preaching to them or offering them spiritual advice. In line with this, you should also avoid offering them advice as everyone has their own way of mourning and you have no right of informing them of how they should or should nit react to it.

As you write, avoid the temptation of turning death into something positive using statements such as the bereaved had a “good life” or “did not suffer”. This is inconsiderate to the bereaved as they are yet to come into terms with their loss.

When you are offering help be specific in the ways you would help them as they will not know the kind of help that you may be able to offer or may find it difficult to ask you. Remember to end the letter with thoughtful and personal words that expresses you sympathy. The other thing to know is that it is much better to send the letter late than not to send any at all.

Appreciation Letters

September 28th, 2009

Appreciation letters are written to thank people for their kind acts and it is a good way of showing people that they enrich your life. Most of these letters are usually accompanied by a card and there are various software programs that can help you come up with one but it is better to give a personal touch by coming up with the right words. Write one as soon as someone has done something that you are grateful for.

Mention the reason why you are writing the letter by explaining why you are grateful. State the specific details about the kind act because people like to know that you are grateful for all the effort that was put in. If work done was reviewed by different people, you should mention any positive feedback that you received from them. State the positive comments that were made in the person’s absence. If the results of the person’s work were positive, you should also include the details in the letter.

The letter needs to be warm and sincere because most people can notice when you are being dishonest. The writing should be clear and concise therefore you should avoid flowery language. If you are thanking someone that you have a close relationship with, you can use a handwritten letter but for business, use the company letterhead.

The appreciation letters are written if you want to thank somebody for something they have already done. Thanking someone for something that is yet to be done is presumptuous. It should be sent as soon as it is written and if possible, you should address a particular person. The longest that you should wait before you send the letter is a week. The letter can either be posted or delivered in person but never through email.

Appreciation letters can also be written when you want to thank someone for taking part in a volunteer program or after receiving a good recommendation. It is also a good idea to send a thank you letter after you have gone for a job interview. The letter that you send could earn you the job that you are looking for.

When you are specific in your letter, the recipient will know that you have taken the time and effort. This is a good way of appreciating somebody’s efforts. When this kind of letter is incorporated into a greeting card it can be presented like a package and mailed to someone. This indicates that you are willing to spend a lot of time to appreciate.

Once you have finished writing appreciation letters you should read through it to check for grammatical errors. This is especially important if English is your second language. You can also ask a close friend to review the letter that you have written especially if you have written to a close friend. Children should also be taught how to write these kinds of letters so that they can get used to writing thank you notes after birthdays and during the holidays.

Acceptance Letter

August 28th, 2009

Acceptance letters are written after you have been offered a job or after receiving your college acceptance letter. It is important to write one because it shows you are well mannered and that you have accepted the offer to join the college or company. Apart from being a polite gesture, writing a letter provides you with an opportunity to offer the employer any additional information that they might find useful before you start working.

If it is for a job, it has to be written between the time you accept the offer and when you sign the contract. It is a formal way of indicating that both you and the company agree on the specifics of the job before the company draws the contract. The first thing that you need to keep in mind when you are writing one is the format. A business format is required for this type of letter. The business format requires you to include full names, postal address, telephone number, and the date. All these details have to be included at the top.

To accept a job formally, you need to use a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman. Avoid using fancy fonts because they are not professional. When addressing it, use the name of the person who offered the job to you. Make sure you call and ask for the individual if you were contacted by an assistant. Use the right spelling and mailing address.

It is also important to make sure you keep it short and formal and avoid any unnecessary details. In the initial paragraph, make sure you thank the person who offered the job. You also need to clearly state the particular position that you were offered. For the next paragraph, you need to restate the employment terms. The terms that you should mention include salary, location, benefits, working hours and job title. If there are other details that you had discussed with the company, you need to mention them again on the second paragraph. After restating the terms, you need to show the employer that you are looking forward to working for them. Include some contact details in this paragraph so that the employer can contact you in case there is any new development that you need to know about.

Once you are done, make sure you go through the letter carefully to ensure there are no mistakes. Impressions matter a lot and you are supposed to prove to your future employer that you are worth hiring. Acceptance letters that have typos and other mistakes can have a negative impact even if the offer of employment has already been made. After you have gone through the letter, print it out but make sure the paper is of the best quality. It also needs to be signed after you print it out.  You should also make a copy of the letter after signing it and keep the copy. Address it to the specific person who has offered the job and include the company name below.